What Is A Clairsentient Psychic?

What Is A Clairsentient Psychic?

We all have some inner degrees of Psychic ability. Normally, this tends to be disguised in the form of gut feeling or intuition. Sometimes, we could meet someone, and then have a feeling that this person is not trustworthy and reliable. Or perhaps we can observe some certain mannerisms or even other visual clues. In some cases, we could get a specific sense, telling us that something is off. Yes, this feeling is a glance at what is referred to as clairsentient psychic ability.

Understand More About A Clairsentient Psychic Now!

When it comes to different kinds of Psychic powers, Clairsentience is known as one of the more umbrella terms. Literally, Clairsentience has a meaning of “clear feeling.” In fact, it’s one of the more challenging Psychic abilities to attempt and explain as it’s so encompassing. Another reason why it’s hard to explain is this gift is popularly applied by many people on a day-to-day basis, without even recognizing it.

What Is A Clairsentient Psychic?

Clairsentience may truly describe different forms of psychic capabilities.

Feeling: One method of depicting the gift of clairsentience can be “impressionable mediumship.” It means connecting to the spirit, based on the general impressions. In general, those with these powers will gain a general sense of something. They could discern a lot about people, situations, or events, just via “feeling” anything. Some of them are able to get the tingling sensation throughout their bodies or even have the feeling of the hair standing up on the backs of their necks. 

Seeing: Not all of the clairsentient Psychic readers get feelings. Instead, they perceive the visions (or seeing things). Though this sight is totally different from what a clairvoyant owns, it tends to be closely related. Therefore, clairsentience might be connected to the capability to see auras or spirits.

Gut Feelings: Anytime we have a strong response to a place, a person, or an idea, this is a called gut feeling. It may be a negative or positive feeling. However, it’s so visceral that it can stop us in our tracks.  Someone is apt to advise us to “trust our gut“, and this is clairsentient power.

Empathy: Those who are empathic can discern what others are feeling. Of course, this is more than being sympathetic to what anyone is going through. Instead, it is more of a deep understanding and feeling about what someone else is experiencing.

Sensations: When individuals experience the physical sensation around their bodies in response to something, they are also endowed with clairsentient abilities. It may be a tickling, prickling, or pressure like the sensation which will alert the holy readers that something has to be paid more attention to.

How To Increase Our Clairsentience Ability?

Since clairsentience is something that most of us utilize, but don’t realize it, it might be also one of the easier Psychic skills to increase and enhance. The following are some tips on helping us start to open up our skills of clairsentience:

  • Receive a picture from our buddy. At that time, she will give us a picture of someone she knows clearly, but we don’t.
  • It is time to look at this person in the picture, and then make an effort to get a sense of who he is, what his energy is like, as well as any specific impression that we can notice about this figure in the picture.
  • See whether he is a stranger or someone who we would like to know.
  • Finally, we are advised to check with our friend to see how precise we were with this exercise.
  • If we are accurate above 80%, congratulations! We possess clairsentience capability inside us.

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