The History Of The Crystal Ball

The History Of The Crystal Ball

A crystal ball is a crystal or glass sphere used by the occultists to aid them in predicting the future events via the capability of clairvoyance. Thanks to the existence of the crystal sphere, the art of scrying is done effectively in which the spiritual images are sent and interpreted in the sacred boundary. The info that the Psychics receive from the ball is used to make future predictions about some important events before their real occurrences regarding love, relationship, health, business, career, etc.

The History Of The Crystal Ball

In some cases, the seers claim that they do not actually see the images in the Crystal. Instead, the spiritual info arrives at their minds via the contours of symbols, sounds, and feelings. The tool is only for getting their minds focused out of distraction during the sessions. Now, let’s figure out the history of the Crystal Ball to treat it rightly!

A Full Historic Look at the Crystal Ball

When the art of scrying is done with the Crystals or the transparent rocks, it is termed as Crystal Ball Reading or Crystallomancy. For decades, the tool has been utilized for the psychic divination purposes. According to many seers, the first people that used the Crystals to divine the future were the Celtic druids. Later, many kinds of occultists like fortune-tellers, gypsies, Psychics, wizards, etc., began interacting with the Crystal Balls to make future forecasts during the medieval time in Europe.

Historically, the Penne Museum housed the third largest Crystal Ball known to the history of the Chinese Rotunda. The Ornamental treasure was reported to be made during the Qing Dynasty in the 19th century. In 1988, the Ball was stolen from the Penn Museum. Luckily, it was restored after 3 years with no damage.

Along with that, it was informed that the early Crystals were made from the beryllium aluminum silicate since it was transparent. However, the later tools were made out of the rock crystal. Going through many years of controversies, the Psychic tool has withstood the test of time to prove its validity. In the 5th century, the ancient Christians claimed that the Crystal was linked to the evil spirits and negative witches. On the different sense, the German Priests began putting the Crystal Ball on their altar while praying signifying the approval around the ball’s magic.

Throughout history, children could work as the intermediaries in scrying. Why so? It was believed that kids owned the pure spirits with no sin. Hence, they were able to communicate with the holy beings better than any individual on Earth. Besides, kids were unlikely to tell lies to deceive the seekers. Anyway, it could not devalue the power of the so-called Psychics who were powerful enough to gain more credits over the little ones.

For instance, a Psychic named Dr. John Dee that lived in England during 1500s used to read for Queen Elizabeth I with the crystal ball. Nowadays, the ball that once belonged to Dee resides in the British Museum. The popularity of the transparent rocks also stretched over the filed of literary. Various masterpieces were created with the mention of the Crystal included The Canterbury Tales, The Lord of the Rings, Macbeth, Measure for Measure, etc.

During the Victorian time, the Garden Gazing Ball was designed to reflect the beauty of the garden. In that sense the colored-grass Ball embraced the sense of peace and calmness for those that gazed into it. Have you ever heard anything about “Alexander the Crystal Seer”? Simply searching for the name of Claude Alexander, you will end up with lots of info about him as the famous performer of scrying with the Crystal Ball in the ancient times.

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