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Free Tarot Decks Online There are some noticeable traits of the Extended Celtic Cross spread we should know if we want to learn how to use it properly. This spread is actually comprised of various versions and designed in different layouts. Most psychic readers use it to gain details or an overview of every issue bothering their clients. The normal cross spread is quite simple to learn and obviously easier than this one. One advantage of the Celtic Cross is that we can read in different ways which we feel the most comfortable. Spread about 12 cards to read first before moving on to the rest of the cards. The card no.1 is often about the current situations. The second one talks about the possible conflicting problems in the present and future, and the card no.6 will give visions of future influences. What about the Blackbird spread? The deck is shaped like a bird for real, and the first card will represent the most influential impact on the issues while the cards 4 and 2 are about the previous times of the problems. The ultimate card will tell us the challenges we have to face ahead. Enjoy them for free and experience the infinite possibilities existing only in the spiritual realm. Free Psychic Chat Rooms No Credit Card Signing up online can offer us a lot of benefits only members can enjoy. Join the online psychic network by clicking “Chat with me now”, and access the chat rooms to have a live talk with a private advisor. Besides, it’s possible to receive the email notifications through taking part in the mailing list of the site. It’s your turn to get more free readings and updated news sent directly to your inbox. Your account will be activated without any credit card included, just read the readers’ relevant posts to learn more about this occult industry. For more information or any question related to the subject “Free Psychic Chat Rooms No Credit Card”, send them to our box online to get the best answers soon.